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DSRC Field Trials

Cohda Wireless has completed more than 800 DSRC trials, for 15 distinct DSRC use-case scenarios, in the USA, Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden and Australia. These trials covered over 17,000 km. The results show that DSRC systems using WiFi chipsets are severely challenged by the combination of mobility and multipath. In contrast, the Cohda Radio provides a robust communications link with valuable time to deploy counter measures, and the potential to avoid a collision altogether.

Mobility and Multipath: Challenges for DSRC

DSRC standards are based upon WiFi standards, and it is the prevailing wisdom that WiFi chipsets can be used to build DSRC radios. However, DSRC radios must perform extremely well under harsh outdoor, mobile conditions, and WiFi chipsets have been designed with benign indoor, stationary conditions in mind. In order for DSRC radios to deliver on their promise of saving lives they must be designed from the ground up to perform exceptionally well in the conditions expected out on the road.


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