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Cohda-Enhanced 802.11

The key 'break through' technology is in the receive side of the 802.11p radio. It is this invention that Cohda has invested in heavily to ensure it has a strong patent position, globally.

These patent protected Cohda products provide performance advantages that ensure that the company will maintain its position as the market grows. Cooperative-ITS provides each vehicle with 360 Degree awareness of all other vehicles on the road. Therefore, if a threat is identified, the driver is immediately warned and steps can be taken to avoid an accident. Cohda's competitive advantage is that its products extend this 360 Degree awareness beyond buildings and around trucks that block the driver's view, allowing the driver to be aware of threats, literally around corners.

Cohda's competitors are universally using consumer-grade COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) WiFi radio parts for their Cooperative-ITS products. These parts are fine in a stationary environment but their range and reliability suffer markedly from mobility andmultipath degradation when used in moving vehicles. Cohda's patented, but standards-compliant, receive-side enhancements to the WiFi technology overcome these effects resulting in significantly greater timeliness in detecting potential vehicle crash scenarios. This competitive advantage is detailed below in the results of comparative tests performed during more than 17,000 kilometres of worldwide testing for Automotive Chip Makers, Tier One Suppliers, and Car Makers.

There are two prime factors that differentiate Cohda in this Cooperative ITS space:

Superior Performance

1. In live conditions, Cohda devices can allow 10-15 times more data to be exchanged between vehicles and/or infrastructure (vital in Curve Speed Warning applications and for security certificate updates)

Data Transferred (MBytes)

2. Cohda devices can significantly increase connectivity range (200metres v 20metres); this is vital when Traveller Information Messages are being transmitted to vehicles

Range (Metres)

3. Cohda provides reliable connectivity at extended range in critical scenarios such as "Do not pass" warnings - a robust connection 20 seconds before a potential collision, versus just 3 seconds

Time to Impact (Seconds)

4. Cohda extends connectivity in Non Line of Sight conditions thus dramatically improving potential collision avoidance, e.g. robust connections at >6 seconds versus <2 seconds for COTS radios

Time to Impact (Seconds)
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