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The Cohda MK2 Radio is an advanced DSRC device to achieve constant and robust communications for V2V and V2I applications. Companies and organizations that are developing and testing the new DSRC based safety and mobility applications require a DSRC radio with outstanding performance. The MK2 WAVE-DSRC Radio from Cohda Wireless is a small, low cost IEEE 802.11p compliant radio designed specifically for large scale WAVE-DSRC field trials. It incorporates Cohda Wireless' advanced physical layer, offering unmatched performance in harsh outdoor, mobile environments, enabling WAVE-DSRC applications to work in conditions that challenge radios built with traditional WiFi chipsets.

MK2 Schematic

Functional Description

The MK2 WAVE-DSRC Radio is an IEEE 802.11p compliant radio. It incorporates the advanced physical layer receiver technology from Cohda Wireless, dramatically improving performance in V2V and V2I applications. The Radio can be configured for single antenna operation, or dual antenna operation, but optimal performance is achieved with dual antenna operation. Two Radio modules can be seamlessly integrated to create a dual-radio solution. This is a complete IEEE 802.11p RF/PHY/MAC solution. It also includes an embedded GPS receiver and embedded processor, enabling IEEE 1609 implementations. The embedded processor runs Linux and has a USB 2.0 interface.


The use of a Cohda MK2 WAVE-DSRC Radio in V2V or V2I applications will result in performance improvements such as:



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