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Field Trial Replays User Guide

User Guide

By default the video and the result set for 400 byte packets is selected. The result set for 50 byte or 2000 byte packets can be viewed by unchecking the 400 byte box in the Places directory on the left hand side of the Google Earth window and checking either the 50 byte box or the 2000 byte box.

To start the replay simply click on the Play button on the Replay toolbar at the top of the screen. To pause the replay click the Pause button. Once the replay is paused the time view can be manually moved by placing the mouse over the horizontal bar of the replay span, depressing the left mouse button and dragging the span. The replay span can be changed by placing the mouse over one of the vertical bars if the replay span, depressing the left mouse button and dragging the width. Note that in order to adjust the replay speed the time shown in the replay bar does not necessarily correspond to the time of the experiment.

  1. Ensure that either only one set is loaded into Google Earth at once or check "Restrict Time to currently selected folder" in the slider settings. Note that this requires that you select the replay file at the top level in order that the contents be displayed correctly.
  2. You may also want to adjust the Animation Speed setting available in the clock adjust to the slider
  3. Run on a powerful machine. At least 1 GB RAM and 3 GHz processor.
  4. Replay files are typically larger than 1MB.


The key used to show the connectivity supplied by the two radios uses a joint symbol as described in the following legend. The legend is constructed by representing Cohda performance using the outer circle and COTS using the cross. Connectivity is provided if the shape corresponding to the radio is green.

Cohda & COTS Failed
Cohda Failed & COTS OK
Cohda OK & COTS Failed
Cohda OK & COTS OK

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