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802.11p Field Trial Results

Cohda Wireless has completed more than 800 DSRC trials, for 15 distinct DSRC use-case scenarios, in the USA, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Italy and Australia. These trials covered over 17,000 km, during which 200GB of random data was transmitted. The results show that DSRC systems using WiFi chipsets are severely challenged by the combination of mobility and multipath. In contrast, the Cohda Radio provides a robust communications link with valuable time to

The following Trials are available for review. Packet Error Rate (PER) vs Range for a variety of data rates and packets lengths are presented along with Trial replays in Google Earth. The replay shows only one pass whereas the PER vs Range plots are averaged over multiple passes.

A User Guide and System Requirements page is available.

The performance results for key scenrios are:

Wi-Fi AP

Dramatic increase in amount of data that can be uploaded or downloaded.


Electronic Toll Collection

Significant increase in connectivity range, reducing chance of failed transaction.


Do Not Pass Warning

Reliable connectivity at extended range in safety critical scenarios.


Intersection Collision Warning

Extends connectivity to non-line-of-sight conditions – dramatically improving V2V applications.


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