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Cooperative-ITS Demonstrations

Cohda Wireless has demonstrated its saftety applications and Cooperative-ITS equipment at many important events including SAE Convergence, ITS World Congress and others. During SAE Convergence 2008 in Detroit, USA, Cohda Wireless and ST Microelectronics demonstrated the ability of the Cohda radio to enable reliable vehicle-to-vehicle safety applications. The following live vehicular safety demonstrations were performed:

The demonstrations were conducted on public roads, providing a real world urban environment and traffic conditions, approximately one half mile northwest of the Cobo Exhibition Centre in downtown Detroit.


In the closed intersection collision warning a blind corner separated the two vehicles and removed line-of-sight. This increases the potential danger, as the drivers can no longer see each other approach. It also makes the radio environment significantly more challenging. To provide a reliable wireless link the receiver must be robust to the combination of mobility and multipath reflections - a feature that is unique to the Cohda Radio.

The value of the Cohda Radio was clearly demonstrated for vehicle-to-vehicle safety applications. The Cohda Radio will allow DSRC to work in more places, more of the time, and will result in more lives saved.

Replays of the various demonstrations are available in Google Earth.

Detroit, Michigan

Sunnyvale, California

Santa Clara, California

A Replay User Guide and System Requirements page is available.

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